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Jobber Share New Single “Summerslam”: Listen

Jobber Share New Single “Summerslam”: Listen

Ağustos 3, 2023 17:40
Jobber Share New Single “Summerslam”: Listen



Last year, the wrestling-obsessed New York band Jobber released their debut EP, Hell In A Cell, which landed on our great EPs from 2022 list. Today, they’re back with a new single, “Summerslam,” just in time for the WWE event that it’s named after, which goes down this weekend. It’s filled with sludgy guitars and a clean melody line, and sounds like a slightly gnarlier circa 2013 Speedy Ortiz track, which makes sense considering the pedigree of some of the band’s members.

“‘Summerslam’ is the first Jobber song that really resembles the heavy rock I used to hear growing up when WWF was at its peak,” the band’s Kate Meizner said in a statement, continuing:

I wrote the Helmet-inspired bass line and main riff a while ago, not sure if it would see the light of day; it didn’t seem to fit with the other Jobber songs at the time. After I showed it to Mike, he made a demo with a couple more parts completed that brought the song to life. We ended up co-writing the rest, focusing on making it catchy but also heavy with some over-the-top excess, like something from a WWF-era Summerslam commercial or in the background of WCW Beach Brawl ‘99. Thematically the song is about people who enter positions of political power and become jaded, going through motions only to lose touch with how their actions impact real human lives.

Listen below.

“Summerslam” is out now via Exploding In Sound.

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