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Kat Moss Of Scowl Shares Message Combating “Industry Plant” Allegations

Kat Moss Of Scowl Shares Message Combating “Industry Plant” Allegations

Ağustos 8, 2023 22:55
Kat Moss Of Scowl Shares Message Combating “Industry Plant” Allegations



Kat Moss of the Santa Cruz hardcore band Scowl has posted a lengthy message combating the idea that she and her band are “industry plants,” that often-deployed term for artists who’ve been artificially shot to stardom by behind-the-scenes machinations rather than rising to prominence organically. “I’m so sorry if I’m alienating some of you, your whole fucking culture alienates me!” Moss wrote in a tweet accompanying her message, quoting Bikini Kill’s “White Boy.” She continued, “I know I am not alone on a long list of people who have never felt good enough. I’ve chose silence many times. I choose to sing, scream, and dance my pain into the night. I choose art over violence.”

Some context: Of the many bands bursting out of the hardcore scene with crossover appeal, Scowl are among the most obvious candidates for stardom. Scowl have easily traceable roots within the scene: They’ve been part of some of hardcore’s most iconic events of the post-pandemic era, including the massive summer 2021 guerrilla gig headlined by Gulch and Drain and last fall’s instantly legendary show with Gel at a Sonic Drive-In, and their 2021 debut album How Flowers Grow was an angry, ugly, ferocious 15-minute outburst. They also embraced a more melodic sound on this year’s Psychic Dance Routine EP, and they’re currently featured in a Taco Bell ad campaign alongside alt-leaning pop acts MUNA and Claire Rosinkranz, for which their “Feed The Beat Unofficial Halftime Show” premiered on YouTube a few days ago. And, oh yeah, their singer is a woman.

Presumably these factors are fueling the industry plant allegations Moss is responding to. For what it’s worth, I was able to find a grand total of five tweets naming Scowl as an “industry plant” before Moss posted her message today, but there are other places online to discuss hardcore besides Twitter, and I assume she and her bandmates are exposed to more direct pushback on a regular basis.

Here’s what Moss had to say:

I am sick of hearing the phrase “Industry plant” every single time Scowl experiences success. Our friends bands— bands commonly full of men, will sign brand deals, have a song in a commercial, get a co-sign from massively successful musicians, etc… yet I never read whisperings of whether or not they deserve those successes, whether or not they are valid enough, GOOD enough, or worked hard enough to be deserving of that success. Is our success never valid enough for you? Why is this competition created between us and our community, specifically femme-bodied individuals? A competition I never participated in, a patriarchal competition I challenge by questioning my thoughts, actions, and insecurities every single day.

The message I receive is that I am not granted independent success as a woman. Am I never grateful enough? Hard working enough? Confident enough?

I’m grateful to be a part of a community we have ALWAYS contributed to lifting. By the way it isn’t that hard to do… If you believe in yourself and your friends you’ve done half the work! If you believe in your scene, walk through that door, buy that t-shirt, and maybe even gather up the confidence to make a new friend or dance along to your favorite song you are CONTRIBUTING to something bigger than yourself. Starting a band was the best decision I ever made, it saved my life in many ways and it helped me find confidence in myself that I never believed I formerly had.

I am happily part of a scene filled with beautiful, intelligent, unique, and inspiring people. A scene that could never have blossomed without every single individual.

Is it so hard to believe a woman-led band can be a hardworking and organic success? Is it so challenging to grasp a womans success that you have to create a fantasy that the music industry had a hand in it?

An extremely male dominated music industry by the way…

That being said:

My life and my bandmate’s lives would be SO MUCH EASIER if we had industry backing. I garnered the little confidence I had, not without the support of my friends and my scene, in May 2019 to play Scowl’s first show. My life has changed so much since that day, but would’ve never been possible without my friends in the bay area/santa cruz hardcore scene. The women/femme/trans individuals who I’ve embraced all around the world that have always had my back and saw me for my genuine self. Those individuals will always come first to me.

Scowl has worked tirelessly to be in the position we are in. We have practiced late into the night, day after day. We have relentlessly toured. Last year I had bronchitis for months on tour, I’ve blown my voice out a handful of times, we have experienced exhaustive physical injury, blah blah and only dropped ONE SHOW due to those circumstances the past two years. Not even counting the depression, anxiety, grief and other human sufferings experienced thousands of miles away from home. Slept on countless floors, gone hungry for a little too long, been in the negatives on my bank statements, etc. Is that punk enough for you? We do this because we LOVE IT. Because it makes us happier than anything else. I have the privilege to play music for my living! Of course I’m gonna chase my dreams!

The most valuable lesson that I learned from hardcore is that if you have something to say, scream it into a microphone.

I would be nowhere without the countless BIPOC/trans/femme/gender nonconforming individuals that I’ve shared the stage with and have had meaningful conversations and relationships with. I’m so grateful to music for giving me the opportunity to form those connections. You have all collectively inspired me to never ever give up! Whether we talk all the time or have had a short swift encounter, you know who you are and I LOVE YOU!

You remind me that I’m never alone.

Find the original tweet with Moss’ message below, along with that Taco Bell video.

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