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SebastiAn & the xx’s Oliver Sim Team Up On New Song “Twin”: Listen

SebastiAn & the xx’s Oliver Sim Team Up On New Song “Twin”: Listen

Ağustos 2, 2023 21:14
SebastiAn & the xx’s Oliver Sim Team Up On New Song “Twin”: Listen



The French dance producer SebastiAn has been around for a long time. He’s a veteran of the Ed Banger blog-house scene, and he’s also the guy talking on “Facebook Story,” that skit from Frank Ocean’s Blonde. Earlier this year, SebastiAn collaborated with London Grammar on their single “Dancing By Night.” Today, SebastiAn has released his score for Tropic, a new French film from the director Edouard Salier, and he’s teamed up with the xx’s Oliver Sim for a song on that soundtrack.

Oliver Sim released his solo debut Hideous Bastard last year. On the new track “Twin,” he sings softly over a thrumming emotive track from SebastiAn. This isn’t music for clubs; there are no drums anywhere on the track. Instead, these guys seem to be searching for spaced-out emotional resonance, and the song should definitely sound cool over movie-theater speakers. Here’s what Sim says about it:

My love for film has always felt closely linked to my love of music. Whenever I start a song I usually have a fictional movie playing in my head that I’m trying to soundtrack. So being asked to work on a song with Sebastian for a real film felt like an exciting challenge.

Tropic is a beautiful film that speaks to so many of the things I love and feel connect to. Science Fiction, family, love, beautiful boys and a vulnerable monster. So writing for this pre existing story with its themes, characters, beautiful imagery and the incredible soundscape Sebastian had created. It both came easy and was a genuine pleasure.

Listen to “Twin” below.

While you’re at it, you can also click below to stream SebastiAn’s entire Tropic score and watch the (unsubtitled) trailer for the film, which appears to be an emotive sci-fi story about two twin astronauts and the mysterious black space goo that forces them apart — a very French take on Venom, if you will.

Tropic is out today in French theaters. You can read our 2022 interview with Oliver Sim here.

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