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Killer Mike, Snail Mail, Weyes Blood, & More

Killer Mike, Snail Mail, Weyes Blood, & More

Ağustos 9, 2023 22:40
Killer Mike, Snail Mail, Weyes Blood, & More



Our panel of Pitchfork Music Festival performers already chimed in on the Song Of The Summer and the epidemic of audience members throwing objects at performers. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper into their psyches.

At Chicago’s Union Park last month, we asked Killer Mike, Snail Mail, Buck Meek, MJ Lenderman, Weyes Blood, Perfume Genius, Jockstrap, and Illuminati Hotties our burning questions. The results were illuminating. Lindsey Jordan gave us a preview of Snail Mail LP3 and described her experience auditioning for the Madonna biopic. Lenderman revealed which NBA player’s basketball jersey he’s still holding onto from childhood. Natalie Mering threw her name in the ring to perform songs with Broadcast at a hypothetical Trish Keenan tribute. Meek revealed he’s considering using a Britney Spears-style wireless microphone to facilitate onstage movement. Killer Mike even tried to set up our esteemed correspondent Julian Towers with a member of his family. Check out the full slate of interviews below.

MJ Lenderman on basketball jerseys, rock cruises, and A Goofy Movie:

Snail Mail on Weezer, auditioning to play Madonna, and LP3:

Killer Mike on ’70s movies, heartbreak, and setting our interviewer up with someone in his family:

Perfume Genius on Blake Mills, Ugly Season, and how his journey into dance choreography led to a midlife crisis:

Weyes Blood on Letterboxd, pyrotechnics, and AI songs:

Illuminati Hotties on extreme metal, sandwiches, and underrated chords progressions:

Buck Meek on Haunted Mountain, onstage dancing, and new Big Thief music:

Jockstrap on old computers, Thom Yorke, and bellybuttons:

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