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Niger’s Military Coup Strands Mdou Moctar In The US

Niger’s Military Coup Strands Mdou Moctar In The US

Ağustos 3, 2023 21:43
Niger’s Military Coup Strands Mdou Moctar In The US



Mdou Moctar, the great Tuareg guitarist and Artist To Watch, has been on tour in the United States this summer. The tour is over, but Moctar and two of his bandmates can’t return home to Niger. On July 26, the country’s democratically elected leader was ousted by a military coup, and the resulting instability has made it impossible for the musicians to reenter the country.

Today the band shared a GoFundMe link seeking money to keep them afloat and support their families while the band lingers in limbo. It reads as follows:

On July 26, the band Mdou Moctar ‘s home country of Niger was thrown into chaos and uncertainty when a right-wing group of militants violently overthrew the democratically elected president of the nation. At the time of this coup, Mahamadou Souleymane, Ahmoudou Madassane, and Souleymane Ibrahim, the three Nigerien members of Mdou Moctar, were on tour in North America. As a result of the dangerous political climate, the three are unable to return to their homes and families. Borders in and out of the country have been closed, along with financial institutions, and foreign nationals have left the country on emergency flights, in fear of an imminent civil war.

At present, the band is stuck in the United States indefinitely. The costs associated with finding emergency housing and living expenses for the band while they are stuck here in the US are considerable as well as undefined, as there is no timeframe for when peace may return to the region. As the band’s touring activity regularly supports their families at home in Niger, this extended stay in the US will, unfortunately, divert that income away from their dependents.

This GoFundMe campaign is being set up to help provide them with what they will need to be able to safely spend time in the States while they wait and see when they will be able to return home to Niger to reunite with their loved ones. Any donations will be used directly to secure housing, food, healthcare, travel, and any other necessities in America that will be needed while they navigate this unexpected and unprecedented time.

If you’d like to donate to the Moctar crew, you can do so here.

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