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Taking Meds Share New Song “Life Support”: Listen

Taking Meds Share New Song “Life Support”: Listen

Ağustos 7, 2023 17:42
Taking Meds Share New Song “Life Support”: Listen



Next month, the NYC-via-Rochester band Taking Meds will release Dial M For Meds, the new album that they recorded with Converge’s Kurt Ballou. Taking Meds’ style is a gruff, passionate take on pop-punk, and we’ve already posted the impressive early singles “Memory Lane” and “Outside.” Today, they’ve shared the new track “Life Support,” which frontman Skylar Sarkis describes as “the dumbest song I’ve ever written.”

“Life Support” is a big, tuneful basher, and it’s all about feeling like an idiot and wondering if you’re ever going to get over: “Got caught in a brisk walk under the ladder of success/ Just talked to a guy who thinks my band’s called Taking Bets.” In director Luke LeCount’s video, a lady in a sexy-nurse uniform pushes a smiling, unresponsive Skylar Sarkis around New York. Sarkis’ problem, apparently, is that he’s “famous.” Here’s what Sarkis says about it:

This is the dumbest song I’ve ever written. I’m glad we’re releasing it early because everyone is delirious from the heat this summer. It’s perfect for that. Roll your windows down and pretend it’s about being in love or something. It’s a happy-feeling song that’s really about being overwhelmed. I always welcome an opportunity to escape reality by getting absorbed in music. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it feels like one of the more guilt-free and even rewarding ways to numb out. It seemed intuitive to put that idea into this kind of carefree, jangly song.

Check out the “Life Support” video below.

Dial M For Meds is out 9/1 on Smartpunk Records.

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